Kizik Steps Into Mall of America With Experiential Shoe Stores
Image Credit - Kizik
14 June, 2024

Kizik Steps Into Mall of America With Experiential Shoe Stores

The "hands-free" footwear brand Kizik just opened its second U.S. store at the iconic Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. The 1,645-square-foot space was "created in partnership with design firm MG2" with a focus on getting shoppers to "experience the step-in technology Kizik is known for" right away.


According to MG2 principal Melissa Gonzalez, "It's critical that consumers experience the step-in the very beginning of the customer journey. It's an AHA moment that captures and celebrates the magic of the brand." The immersive store design aims to "capture a sense of motion" with elements like perforated metals and LED neon lighting.


The Mall of America store, located in the West Market on the second level, offers Kizik's full assortment of shoes for men, women, and kids in all sizes. It will also carry new seasonal styles, Kizik-branded apparel, shoe care kits, and no-slip socks.

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But Mall of America is just the start. On June 14th, Kizik will debut another location at the massive King of Prussia mall near Philadelphia. The 1,812-square-foot store will bring the same experiential concept to Pennsylvania shoppers. Both new stores will offer Kizik's full shoe range for men, women, and kids, plus new styles, apparel, and accessories.


"Mall of America and King of Prussia are iconic shopping destinations," said Kizik CEO Monte Deere. "When we observed the incredible consumer reception of our first store...last year, we knew it was important to us to open more physical retail locations as part of our long-term growth strategy."


Deere explains the in-person experience is key: "The feeling people have when they first try on our shoes is not something that can be replicated online." By prioritizing these high-profile mall openings, Kizik is betting big on brick-and-mortar as a "point of entry" to win over new customers with its unique "hands-free" shoes.


With over 200 patents, Kizik considers itself "the industry's leading hands-free footwear brand" catering to an active lifestyle with functional sneakers and fashion-forward styles alike.