Sephora to Open Stores in Tanger Outlet Centers
Image Credit - Sephora
26 June, 2024

Sephora to Open Stores in Tanger Outlet Centers

Sephora, the beauty giant known for its glitzy mall stores, is making a surprise move into the world of outlet shopping. The company just announced plans to open its first stores in Tanger outlet centers across the U.S., bringing its high-end cosmetics to bargain-hungry shoppers.


Tanger, which runs 38 outlet centers in the U.S. and Canada, will welcome Sephora to five locations later this year. Shoppers in Phoenix, Palm Beach, Charleston, Deer Park, and National Harbor will soon be able to snag their favorite beauty products alongside discounted designer goods.


"What we like about Sephora entering our world is that we know it's going to encourage longer visits and increase basket sizes," says Justin Stein, Tanger's head of leasing. It's a win-win: Sephora gets new customers, and Tanger gets a trendy anchor store.


Each new Sephora will be about 5,000 square feet of beauty heaven, strategically placed near brands like Victoria's Secret and Kate Spade. They're even throwing in special parking for online order pickups – talk about convenience!


But here's the twist: Sephora won't be slashing prices at these outlets. They're sticking to their full-price model, just like other beauty stores in Tanger centers. Don't worry, though. Tanger's rewards program might still score you some sweet deals.


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This isn't Sephora's first rodeo with alternative locations. They've already set up shop in some Simon Mills outlets and have those popular mini-stores inside Kohl's. But teaming up with Tanger is a bold new step.


For Tanger, bringing in Sephora is part of a bigger makeover. They're swapping out underperforming stores for fresh, popular brands that'll keep shoppers coming back regularly – not just during holiday sales.


Feels like a whole new way to shop for your favorite mascara and moisturizer. Who knows? You might just find your new holy grail product right next to that discounted designer bag.