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Chuy's Appliance Repair

244 L St, Chula Vista, CA 91911

(619) 482-1307
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  • "Called Chuy's Appliance Service Repair because our refrigerator wasn't working. He did come to our house the same day which we found to be a good thing. He checked it out and left saying he was going to see how much the part would cost and give us a call back with the estimate. He of course charged us $40 just for the inspection of the refrigerator. We didn't hear from him in over a week. About 2 weeks after not hearing from him we called him to get an update on the estimate and he first said he had called us back which he never did. (The only reason why we waited so long to call is because we have a second refrigerator in the garage) And then tried to say that he would have to come back out to see the refrigerator again and we asked if he was going to Charge us the $40 again and he asked how long had it been since his 1st visit. We described how the 1st visit had been and he kinda remembered the refrigerator and the problem. We sent him pictures of the part that he needed and once again said he would call us back after finding out the price of the part. If he had originally called us like he said he did he would most likely already have the part price. Over a month now from his 1st visit and he has never called us back. Basically he came out to our house to make a quick $40 and not even try to fix our problem. Terrible service!!!!!"
  • "called early on sat morning, my dryer wasn't working. he showed up in less than an hour, was knowledgeable, honest, prepared, and gone in half an hour! very satisfied! thank you...."
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