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  • "Some of the employees were excellent; however my aunt was purchasing a product that absolutely said it was 12.99 on the shelf...when they rang it up it said 21.99 she picked up the last 3 on the shelf because of the 12.99 signage. By the time she walked back to the shelf to double check the price the manager was standing in front of shelf and had already changed the price. I heard the cashier tell him on the radio that she was walking back to check it!!! Real suspect and so not okay... I believe that the price should have been honored since it was on the shelf, it was not her fault that an employee didn't change the price when they were supposed to!"
  • "Some staff are more knowledgeable than others, but every worker I've encountered here has been extremely helpful. If you don't see something on the shelf, don't be shy to ask the people working there if there might be some more elsewhere. The workers are also pretty good about recommendations, even if you're not well-versed in the terminology or vocabulary. The store is clean, neatly organized, and there is plenty of parking. I would highly recommend this location."
  • "If you need literally anything with alcohol go here. Good service. Fantastic selection. Decent prices. "
  • "Excellent prices but even more important, the employees are virtually everywhere offering advice, recommendations and informing you of the best price points for what you are searching for. "
  • "Spent way to much money at total wine today. Lol. Darn all those yummy pumpkin ale's and ciders."

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