Dave & Buster's Orange

G 1, 20 City Blvd W, Orange, CA 92868

(714) 769-1515


11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
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  • "Service is horrible here! I used to live near by and loved it... but service has gotten horrible! Staff here are rude, slow and completely ignore and avoid customers. Bar tenders turn around when being asked questions, when asking for drinks they pretend like no one is around. Our waiter eventually got to us and was Cool but very slow I think we saw him a total of 3 times. We won’t be coming back."
  • "If you think redemption games are so great, this classic video arcade ones are quote nostalgic. Since I've owned my high score on "Space Invaders" since 2.013, I've gotten 5-digits monthly; this visit, since they reset the scores last week, I wanted to get my all-time score restored. So last week, I had my revenge, and it took just one 2-player play (I went first), and restored it. And the most wide array of gifts at the Winner's Circle! I'm really saving up for a great Xmas gift."
  • "I come here for the games and that is fine but it's the food is the problem. The past two times I've been here the service absolutely sucked. One time the food took forever to get here and it was the wrong thing! Today my sister and I were taking a break from games. We decided to get some drinks in the restaurant area. We sat there for about twenty minutes. Countless waiters passed by without asking if we needed anything. Finally when one listened to us we were denied service because we "looked too young". Outrages! I will not look forward to coming here again."
  • "The worst experience I've ever had at a restraunt!!! Was told by the rude hostess that the wait would be about an hour.. we ended up waiting almost 2 hours for a table. Mind you we had to ask to be seated before this even happened. When we finally ordered the first drink order was wrong. Only half our party was served and the other half waited. The first food order was wrong and when we asked for it to be fixed they only half fixed it. (Bacon burger was ordered and no bacon when came back only 1 slice was put on) when we ordered fries the server told us they were behind on fries and just gave us tater tots insted..she did not even bother to ask or offer any other replacement just did what she wanted to do. Everything about the service and attitude of servers and hostess were ridiculous. I never leave reviews but I was so upset with how my family and friends were treated! Do not ever eat at this establishment. Over priced food and drinks and the worst service I've ever had in my life!!!"
  • "Poor timing. The service was decent. Not awful but poor communication. Didn't get to try the food though. Appetizers took 30 minutes and the food took roughly an hour. It wouldn't have been too bad though had the food not been cold. Made fiance ordered a salad and that didnt even come out due to kitchen error. Cold food, an hour wait to eat and poor communication is a deadly triad that made this experience unacceptable."

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