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  • "Ordered a wine online for my daughter's wedding. They pulled the wrong type of wine. Then they went back to get the right wine, and did not have the vintage which they said they had, which I ordered. Complete clown show. I could have ordered this from another vendor and had the wine here for the wedding. But now I'm stuck. To top it off, the clerk who dealt with me was rude."
  • "We were looking for a wine to celebrate a milestone birthday. I'd had Dom Perignon once, so I ask for it or something comparable. The knowledgeable gentleman that assisted my explained the differences with vintages from grapes grown in the vineyards and those who purchased grapes to make their wine, flavors and much more. We ended up with two bottles of Les Echansons. Now I just have to wait a bit for the birthday party to enjoy the wine."
  • "I already loved shopping at total wine for years but now appreciate them even more. I went to total wine to stock our wedding reception. I am not sure which associate helped me at the Roseville location but they were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He gave great wine and cocktail suggestions. He gave me the quantities and basically planned everything and even loaded the entire cart for me - what a breeze!! After the reception we had a few bottles left over...his calculations were correct we just had a lot more people NOT show up than expected. We were able to easily return the extra bottles and got some money back! What a great feeling not wasting any money throwing a big wedding event! Every staff member I have ever worked with has the utmost respect and incredible knowledge. Amazing customer service. I love total wine! Thank you for being in my life!"
  • "Great selection, low prices, and staff is knowledgeable and readily available to make great recommendations. Travis and Dave are my go-to guys for beer recommendations!"
  • "First time in this store.. surprisingly it was very nice. So much to choose from, and they even do wine tasting. Very cool"

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