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Dave & Buster's - 2931 Camino Del Rio N

2931 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108, USA

(619) 280-7115
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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  • "This place reminds me of a casino without the smoke and video games instead of slots. They have a large menu, but a lot of fried food. Food is fine, but even the good stuff is not great. They have a huge liquor menu and half priced drinks at happy hour. However, I had three "skinny margaritas" and each one was wildly different, with the 3rd being so sour i asked them to remake it. Thus place gets very busy. We got there before 6:30 on a Monday, and they had a wait. There is a large parking lot, but even that gets full on weekends. Kids love this place. "
  • "This place is very fun to hang out with the kids I really enjoy all the video games although the games are quite expensive if you do purchase $100 Dave & Buster card you will get a little bit more for your money's worth. Food-wise what I ordered was the little cheeseburger basket with some ribs very good ribs and they have a little Sriracha on them which for me is great cuz I prefer spicy food. Other things we have ordered is the kids cheeseburger the customer service here is very friendly most of the time I think the busiest time here can really be hard to find a table as they do not take reservations. They have an awesome selection of beer it's not too expensive and with all the fun it's well worth it. I plan on having a company outing here for all of our family and friends. Keep it up with all the great customer service and you'll keep having us as a customer."
  • "Worst customer service ever from David, ordered mozzerella sticks and they were cold and not cooked all the way. Told the waiter and he said they're supposed to be like that??? I've been there before and they didn't come out like that. We didn't have utensils, kept asking for things and got them in 5 minutes or more. Every time he came by to ice us something it seemed like he just wanted to give the food real quick and not deal with us, just passes and goes. After eating we told the waiter about it being my friends birthday and asked for an extra brownie and ice cream. He thought we only asked for a side of ice cream and when we told him he said he would charge us for everything and started giving a big attitude because he got it wrong and we were trying to tell him what we wanted. So we ordered the brownie tower and waited 10 minutes or more just for ice cream and brownies... Food wasn't that great either... After we ate we played some games and started to wait for the clown game that a group was playing. They kept playing constantly not thinking about people waiting so I told an employee and she said they can't do anything about it ??? How do you expect people to play and have fun when you can't even get a turn for a game??? They also fixed the clown games to be slower so you get less points and they're always not working. Never going again. I would give a zero if I could!"
  • "If I could leave no stars I would this place was terrible my sister came all the way from Nebraska thinking she would have a great time my dad came from Arizona and I have been coming to this Dave & busters for years my family friends and I will NEVER come back to a Dave & Buster's ever again first it started when we walked in no one welcomed us but we didn't really care we went to have a great time we then walked to look for a hostess we stayed for a wile looking for one one never came I then saw another one she was a little rude but nothing to make us stop enjoying our time the service was not the best but yet we didn't stop that we spent about $160 on food and $800 in games a game that gives you cards and chips would keep getting stuck so I walked up to a man working the area where you enter the chips and cards to see how many points you have I told the man " HI can you help me with a game the cards are stuck" he then told me " sucks to be you I'm about to close" I then asked the man can you come help me? and he just looked at me with a smile on his face as if he was trying to make me upset the girl working behind the counter the starts laughing I then walk away with out being rude but very upset the man then comes behind me to help so after all this we keep spending money I then go and put the chips and cards to see how many points we had we had 2000 something points I then go to see how much the keurig coffee maker it was on the wall and no one was helping I had to pick my sister son up so he can bring it down for me then the lady behind the counter told us it was 2000 something all I remember was I needed 50 points to get it my dad and I went to the ATM to get yet more money out to play to get the 50 points I then told my sister and dad to go look at how much it was to make sure we had enough points they saw the same amount I did I go put my card and chips in and at that point I should of had enough I didn't find the coffee maker out anymore my sister walks over to the counter and tells the man if they sill have it he informed my sister the lady put the coffee maker in the back we walk over to the counter then she tells me you don't have enough extremely rude I explain she Told me about 15 min ago how much it was we all saw the amount and now she's telling me its 1000 more she then got even more disrespectful putting it a side and trying to help someone else I left and called a manager to inform him of the bad costumer service they had and about that problem it didn't look like he cared to loose clients or to do anything about it I am a Vet I work with a large number of clients every single day and have to deal with a lot more money than a coffee maker and one thing we try to do is keep clients happy and wanting to come back specially if they are spending a lot of money and trying to enjoy a night out with family and friends i had a long day at work and I was hoping to have a great time and it was the worse time I've had in any restaurant WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY DAVE & BUSTERS AGAIN."
  • "Great place to find the latest arcade games. Family friendly. Def on the pricey side for an arcade; you can easily drop $50 in less than an hour."
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