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1250 S Hover Rd, Longmont, CO 80501

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  • "I really prefer to patronize local businesses, but the Longmont Dillards' is pathetic. I was shopping --- no, correction trying to BUY one weekday evening when their were perhaps two dozen customers in the whole store. I think sales clerks outnumbered customers. I received a postcard notifying me that Hanes hosiery was 25% off. I stock up with a purchase of about a dozen pairs maybe twice a year. When I was in the store there were no signs & so I inquired. The sales clerk rummaged through a stack of print-outs and declared there was no sale. I told her about the post card and she just looked blank. I then went to the Petites department since I was in the store and found a jacket & shell at full price. The collar on the jacket in my size had been twisted probably in shipment and needed to be steamed. The sales clerk agreed to do that while I continued shopping. In the process of that I heard an in-store announcement for the Hanes sale. Returning to hosiery I brought that to their attention. The lack of interest in actually selling something was phenomenal. Even when I prompted them to call a manager -- he was indifferent. The sales clerk wanted me to wait while she rummaged through the stack of printouts again. I left disgusted. When I returned to Petites the sales clerk apologized that she couldn't get the steamer working (20 minutes had transpired) and someone told her that 'they don't do that anymore." I turned down the opportunity to purchase it and steam out the collar myself. So I wasted an hour. When I got home I called the store and got the manager on duty, Bo. He listened and all he could pathetically say was he wasn't in charge of accessories so he really didn't know about that. To the rest of it all he could offer was a pat "I'm sorry, I'll be sure that the store manager knows tomorrow." Pathetic retailing -- they truly deserve to go under and it seems like the ship is quickly sinking. "

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