McDonald's in Longmont

McDonald's - 245 S Main St

245 S Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, USA

(303) 776-9383


Monday: 4:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 4:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 4:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 4:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 4:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: 4:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Most Recent Comments

  • "Crazy line for the both drive through lanes. Could barely park cause of it. Went in side and it was a mess inside. One of the two times I go a year. Must be the reason why I don't eat out there. Stick to home cooking. TV dinners are better..."
  • "This is your regular new model McDonald's with the dual lane drive thru's which is very nice, and is open 24 hours which is even better. When I do need or desire to have late night or early morning McDonald's, this is usually the one I..."
  • "Had a hard time getting order right. Had repeat and then again return to counter for correction. Out of sweet tea. Just not a good experience."
  • "Clean restaurant and clean bathrooms. Sweet tea is my favorite and theirs is always full and the drink area is clean. The cashier is always so nice, I've never caught her name but she sits there with a smile and greets every single person."
  • "Mc donalds is a great place to eat and know u can get ur food delivery."
  • McDonald's - 1900 N Main St

    1900 N Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, USA

    (303) 772-3017


    Monday: Open 24 hours
    Tuesday: Open 24 hours
    Wednesday: Open 24 hours
    Thursday: Open 24 hours
    Friday: Open 24 hours
    Saturday: Open 24 hours
    Sunday: Open 24 hours

    Most Recent Comments

  • "Fast, friendly, and precise. I've frequented this McDonald's location an average of once a week for almost 7 years now, and I've never been given an incorrect order. This location has even corrected an error made on an order from a..."
  • "How does this place stay open. Its been 20 min ive been in line. The girl used her bare hands to touch the ice. She took off with my credit card to the back and took her sweet time returning with it then asked of i wanted a reciept. It..."
  • "I live down the street from the one off Hover but I will still drive the extra miles to this one cause I know this place won't be a let down"
  • "Ridiculously cold service. Watched the kids meals sit for over ten minutes before my food was even ready. Red Robin is faster. Are you kidding me?"
  • "Food was fresh, seating was amazing, overall an amazing experience. The fries are long and the wait times short. Amazing location 😍"
  • McDonald's - 1051 S Hover St

    1051 S Hover St, Longmont, CO 80501, USA

    (303) 682-1948


    Monday: 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM
    Tuesday: 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM
    Wednesday: 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM
    Thursday: 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM
    Friday: 5:00 AM – 12:30 AM
    Saturday: 5:00 AM – 12:30 AM
    Sunday: 5:00 AM – 11:30 PM

    Most Recent Comments

  • "My order was messed up, they shorted me a med fry. I noticed before pulling away from the windows, and asked for it to be fixed. The boy working tried to fix it. The manager told him no, that I either needed to come inside or go back..."
  • "The Manager rolled her eyes the entire time we were ordering. It's a good think I walked away."
  • "This is the place I usually go to, but over the past few months or so, I've been having the problem of my food/drive smelling like HEAVY perfume. I'm not talking about passing or vague scents. I'm talking about "my car and I now smell..."
  • "I liked this McDonald's because they have really fast service even when they are busy. They are also connected to a gas station which is convenient for any extra stuff you want."
  • "Eat here if you like -dirty restrooms -cold fries -getting ripped off"
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