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  • "What kind of company wouldn't change your same payroll checkyou get all the time make you wait a day to clear and then the teller says that they only cash it if they knew me. So I asked for a third party change for my check, like I'll pay the fee because I need my money but then again another excuse, the system happens to go down. If I could rate this bank and branch 0 I would. Horrible bank policies and same goes for customer service and tellers at this bank. Banking with SunTrust was the worst decision I ever made! Be advised, don't do it!"
  • "A SunTrust that no longer has a drive-thru! Could they can make it more inconvenient for businesses in the area that use them for a business account? They shut down their drive-thru last year and put in a machine that is much like an ATM that will take your deposits. The problem is that it is SLOW, has technical difficultly many times, and has a limit to the amount of checks you can deposit. If you want quicker service, or have a lot of money that you need to deposit, you have to go in and wait for a teller in person. This is ridiculous that even banks have lost their customer service skills. Banks should be convenient for people and businesses wanting to deposit money - we don't have time to get out of our vehicles and wait in line - we need to be out making money! Bring back a human teller and caring customer service!"
  • "Great service"
  • "Buen dia.... si habla "
  • "El servicio que brindan en esta agencia es altamente calificado y tienen , en todo momento, la preocupacion por asistir al cliente, con mucha educacion, calidad y ganas de satisfacer al cliente en cualquier situacion. Tengo mucho tiempo con ellos y nunca tuve ninguna situacion problematica directa con el personal. A pesar de los cambios. Es una Agencia A1"

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