Big Lots

1880 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822

(407) 380-3755


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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Most Recent Comments

  • "Employee's are nice. Pretty cheep but store could be cleaner. But overall its a good store."
  • "It was clean. Had a lot of gluten-free and organic items. Affordable prices. Only gave it a 4 because some of the workers are miserable people."
  • "I usually don’t shop at this location, but never again am I buying stuff from this Big Lots. Store was a mess, the bathrooms apparently don’t work, and management don’t seem to care the lack of employees. Such disappointment."
  • "Very well stocked and very clean store."
  • "I just recently went to this big lots today to buy some cleaning supplies. Everything went great up until I realized that one of the items that I bought, a box of Mr. Clean magic erasers, didn't have the correct count of sponges inside it's package. The box said it was supposed to have 7 sponges and I counted 4 in the box. Mind you I was in a rush so I didn't catch on to this until I got back home and realized the mistake of not carefully reading the box. So I go on and get in contact with one of the store employees to discuss the issue. I explain to him on how one of my items didn't have the exact number of sponges it was supposed to have. So I ask him if it would be possible if I could just go back to the store show him my receipt, return the items and exchange for a box that had all the sponges it was supposed to have. His response to my question was a blatant and uninterested "I don't know". I had to pause for a moment as I was asking myself did he really give me a response like that. So I calmly reply back to him "how don't you know?" He then tells me that the store is already closed and I tell him that that was fine I could just come by tomorrow to return my item. He again responds back him "I don't know" and that the store is closed and just as I was about to respond back this man literally hung the phone up on me. I was shocked that this employee was so rude and impatient as he was throughout the whole conversation as I was just trying to get answers. I normally always go to this store and I have literally NEVER had an issue with any employee here up until today (12/27/2016) and I am utterly displeased with the employee this store has recently hired. I recognize the voice of the employee that hung up on me as well and I will be sure to visit your store first thing tomorrow morning and report your rude employee for hanging up on me. Very very disappointed."

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