Burger King

14025 Town Loop Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837

(407) 858-9199


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  • "I just moved to this area so have used this BK a couple of times. I would love it if they could keep the high quality food i get once in a while. Someone in there knows how to make a burger and fries better then others. Beside that the staff is friendly, even if its towards the end of the day."
  • "This location almost never has what you want. They're almost always out of tea and unwilling to make more, but they've also run out of specific sodas and even burgers (!) in the past. They also frequently get your order wrong or forget to give you parts of it. On my last visit through the drive-thru we were welcomed to Chili's which we were fine with, because there's nothing wrong with having a little fun as long as you're still getting the job done. However, we had to repeatand correct our order multiple times because they couldn't get it right, they were out of tea again, we received drinks filled a good 2.5 inches below where you'd expect them to be filled, and then more "playing" at the window. The food was good, but the quality of service was pretty bad."
  • "Drive Thru line was super long so I went inside to find a line 4 groups deep. The girl at the counter suddenly stopped taking orders at the counter and all focus went to moving the drive thru I guess because another order wasn't placed at the counter for 4 minutes. Finally ordered. Asked twice about subbing onion rings for fries, girl said yes. Noticed my receipt said fries, asked a third time, she again said yes. Then I got my food, with fries not onion rings. Standard BK food - it is what it is - but service was lacking."
  • "They dont listen when the order was given, im allergy to tomatoes and told them no tomatoes when i got my food i found tomatoes in it. Luckly i cked it before i started eating."
  • "I always go here multiple times a week for a triple whopper. The staff is always so nice"

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