Camping World in Orlando

Camping World Stadium - 1 Citrus Bowl Pl

1 Citrus Bowl Pl, Orlando, FL 32805, USA

(407) 440-5700
Hours may fluctuate. For detailed hours of operation, please contact the store directly.

Most Recent Comments

  • "I was really impressed with the venue. I went for the World Wired Tour. The parking and outdoor patrolling was very efficient. The bartenders were extremely friendly and service was excellent. The staff was by far some of the nicest I have encountered at similar venues."
  • "Great views of the stage, but hot as hell! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Metallica here, but I wish it hadn't been over 100 degrees. I got very dehydrated. If you go in summer, be sure to drink a ton of water. I'd definitely go again, but next time I'd bring a 6 pack of water down to the stage with me. Be prepared, and you'll have a great time."
  • "Stadium redo is very nice. Sadly, merchandise line is always crazy long. And Saturday night there was only 35000 people there. What the hell happened when there's a sellout? But seating is good and all the views are a bit better than the old configuration."
  • "The stadium is nice and all, but the water costs FIVE DOLLARS. The nachos cost five dollars, why should I pay the same price for one bottle of water. It's ridiculous. Bottled soda is $5.50... And you can't even bring your own water. Disney sells water bottles for less than this. I can buy a whole case of water for $5. Unacceptable."
  • "It's big, but sweltering in the summer. I saw Metallica here in July and nearly fell out from dehydration. It was unbearably hot. The sound and stage was excellent. I had standing room floor tickets, and had a great view of the HUGE stage. I highly recommend the venue, just try to avoid it in the hottest months."
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