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  • "We went memorial day weekend and have gone back twice since while we're in the Orlando area. Even though the kitchen was hot the first time and it seemed like they were understaffed the woman Quanda that was working the register did not hesitate to provide good quality customer service. Honestly the best we have seen in awhile. I was highly impressed as this is not normal for a KFC. You could tell by the look on her face the heat was getting to her but she did not hesitate to put a smile on and work right through it you could feel the heat coming out of the kitchen. I feel she deserves a raise or a promotion. I was that impressed."
  • "Very friendly with great service. Very clean and fairly quick. I will use again."
  • "So this was the second time I tried this KFC. The first time was in the morning when they opened. It was about 15 minutes passed the time they were supposedly open on the door and an employee is inside mopping with the door locked and no one at the drive thru. Then puts a finger up like "wait a minute". I drove off with no food. Second time was not as bad at least I got food but I went through the drive thru and the man says "it's going to be 4-9 minutes wait on the chicken, you still want to wait or no?" Only reason I gave 2 stars is because the food taste good. Service was terrible."
  • "Worst. Food. Ever. The "extra crispy" bucket of chicken was a salty, soggy, greasy mess...no crunch whatsoever, and half the chicken pieces had the gooey skin sliding off them, still in the bucket. The gravy was basically brown salty water, and the coleslaw was swimming in liquid -- looked like chunky soup when we opened the container. THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME IN A ROW. I tried and tried to make this place a positive experience, but i can't make excuses for them anymore. If you want fried chicken, try ANY other location except this one."
  • "Terrible service and food. We live less than 3 miles from this KFC so we've given it plenty of chances and it has failed every time. Today was the last time, will never go back. Staff is rude with a 'I could care less ' attitude. Food is terrible and not like any KFC we have visited where it was much better. They never get the order right. They just give you what they have and don't tell you they substituted. If you drive through you don't know until you get home. Stay away, far away is my advice. "

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