11376 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837

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  • "Love Krystal. They have changed their menu a little since I ate there last, but the burgers and chicken sliders are still pretty great. Apparently they offer wings now. They're not bad!"
  • "Normally this place is good however, had my first bad experience. One of my buns was hard and one was soggy wet. Fries had way to much salt... and to top it off I was missing the 2 extra bacon Krystal's I ordered.... on lunch so no time to go back and fix. "
  • "Very clean restaurant. Staff was extremely nice and helpful. I really like this location because it is clean. "
  • "These people are great. They made me breakfast even though I showed up 1 minute, literally, before 11. They didn't seem to be taken back by it nor did they give an any attitude making it. Just to note I hate showing up right before anything closes or switches; I simply asked if they still had breakfast and they said we only have one minute but we will make it for you! Thank you guys! "
  • "My family is a fan of this delicious burgers. Store is always clean and service is fast."

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