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  • "By far one of the best McDonald's franchises I've visited. Staff is very friendly. There's table service. The overall atmosphere is very modern and appealing. I definitely recommend this location when I'm in the mood for some fast food."
  • "This McDonald’s is the slowest one on earth! It’s 10:30pm. I literally waited in drive thru for 35 minutes for 10 piece nuggets and my order was still wrong! Unacceptable. I will forever avoid going to this McDonald’s because there has to be a better McDonald’s with better customer service. Don’t waste your time! Drive-thru is worthless and the employees here are extremely disrespectful. Lake Nona should be embarrassed."
  • "As far as McDonald's go I prefer this one. People are genuinely friendly and actually put the sauce in your to-go bag! Their drive thru has extra capacity too"
  • "I would not even give half a star but I had too. This is the slowest McDonald's I've ever been to in my entire life! I live near this McDonald's but I will often drive the extra 20 minutes to avoid going here. Drive through wait averages around 15-20 minutes but a lot of the time your waiting 30 min."
  • "Having eaten at McDonald's across North America and around the world. I am sad to say that the one in my own back yard is singularly and consistently the worst. From routinely broken Ice Cream machines to stale fries and cold burgers to the more esoteric. Last night was the icing on their sad cake. Late night, the meal comes and i walk over to get salt and ketchup. Both ketchup dispensers are empty as are the salt trays. At the counter they do have packets of ketchup but he runs off looking for salt. After about 5 min I walk back saltless and start eating my increasingly cold fries. More minutes later he comes to the table and says we are all out of salt. Oh well, life happens. So I turn to the burgers and surprise, surprise they at not even lukewarm. But cheer up, the Ice Cream Machine is working today so I order one to go and it was actually good ... good untill I took the first bite of the cone. It was about as crisp as microwaved lettuce and tough and chewy like damp cardboard. Anyone that has eaten a McDonald's cone in the US or at least Florida knows that they attach the paper wrapper with an edible sugar and gelatin glue to the cone and you have to pull it to release the glue bond. It should have been a warning when they was no glue. The cone was so damp it had dissolved the glue. Yeah I know you are thinking cones range from fresh and crispy to less crispy and sometimes a bit stale but this was beyond stale and headed toward mummification. In November it was pumpkin pies for my wife. Ordered two (they are priced higher than the apple). Get to the window. "We are out of Pumpkin pies would you like cookies instead?". No thank you just a refund. "OK". A few minutes later she returns with a bag and some coins. Said we have one pie and here is your refund for the difference. Why argue. so I left. But the story does on. Buckle up this gets into the weeds. 1 apple pie is like 69 cents two are $1.19 1 Punkin is 99 cents and two are $1.69 The pie we got was apple not pumkin So I had paid $1.69 for 2 pumpkin pies but I got 1 apple and the difference between 2 apple pies and 1 in change back. At least I had a nice warm pie that I like. Ha Ha just kidding. It must have been sitting in the warmer well past its expiration date and it was a dark brown, dry and inedible. There is plenty more but you get the idea. Obviously some people we get decent food and service there. But I suspect the error rate is much higher here than elsewhere. If you are wondering why I go there. So am I. In my defense we are isolated and alternatives are quite a long drive. Thanks for letting me vent. On the plus side the folks there seem nice if unmotivated and the facility is brand new. Management gets tagged with the blame here."

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