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  • "The staff was very pleasant and quick with the orders. Very clean restaurant also. 4 stars because there was a weird gathering of about 40 teenagers outside and the staff locked them out of the restaurant, it was weird, staff said they came there often."
  • "The food was cold and the service was bad. My pancakes were cold and hard around the edges like they had been reheated in the microwave. The hash browns tasted like the grease was really old and when going to the register no one even spoke to us they just looked at us like we were stupid until we walked over to the order machine to place the order. Definitely won't be going back to that McDonald's."
  • "Good food. The wait was forever!! And I used the order screen They need a whole lot more seating for the play area and around the playplace. Two young adults women were hanging in the playplace. They were rude around the children. Thankfully McDonalds tool immediate action and got them out"
  • "AWESOME PLAYPLACE. Nice worker. they need to fix up their condiment station tho.... Ketchup not working"
  • "If you are looking for quick fast food and u don't really care about how greasy your food is then McDonalds is for u. The 1 thing I hate about McDonalds is the fries because of how salty they are."

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