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  • "Food was fresh and great tasting! But I want to commend the staff tonight. No matter how busy they were, they were courteous to every customer and didn't loose their cool, Especially the two young men working up in the front. Great Service! Keep it up!!!"
  • "We have lived across from this McDonalds for a few months and have been coming a couple of times a week. The food is fine but the service is appalling. We will frequently wait up to half an hour at the drive-through when it's not even remotely busy. The staff is constantly scrambling to complete simple tasks. 2 out of 3 orders come back incorrect or mischarged. When asked to correct overcharges or missing/incorrect items, staff seem genuinely surprised and don't know what to do. Perhaps lack of training, seemingly poor or ignorant management. Extremely little regard for their customers' money or time. We'll keep coming back for the "fast" food but are very disappointed as loyal customers that literally every trip to this location yields a problem with our order or a poor service experience."
  • "Good quality burger and great smoothie! Also, we ordered from their new large touch screen boards. I liked it because no-one was rushing me, and I had plenty of time to think through my order and make modifications. The only down side is the portions are small for the price."
  • "The best McDonalds I've been to! Exceptional customer service and food is always hot fresh and delicious! Very happy."
  • "Mannnnnn lemme tell u. Came out to ya friendly neighborhood mcdonalds and they done disrespected me. I ordered some fries right, them thangs were hard af how they gonna give me fries from 1982. I never felt more disrespected in my whole entire life. Will I eat here again? Absolutely. U know why? Cause this the closest McDonald's to me."

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