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  • "What a high tech and clean McDonald's. If your the type that likes to do things your self you will love this place. You can order your meal and pay, yourself on the touch screen menu Even gives you the option to customize your items. If your dining in the restaurant they will deliver your meal to the table. Beverages is also high tech and do-it-yourself. The computerized touch screen system allows you to choose your drink and add flavor shots to make your drink perfect for your taste buds."
  • "Manager teaching a counter worker who was young how to be rude and racist .Just checked out of motel bought a senior coffee and it was all wrong no sugar to much cream asked them to fix the coffee was told they don't want homeless in the place..Lol screwy im 60 year's old and this is just not right.went back for a second time . You can only imagine and you can't make this up just like another rate and review person edition Torres I ask to speak to the manager who I saw with my own eyes run in the back of cooking area and would not come out to talk to me ..What the heck is going on in this McDonald's is a mystery. Rude again waited 15 mins to be served and the uber man told me that there ruining his chances at delivery service he said time is money and he can't wait 45 mins each time or have screw ups like not filling orders corectly. Pray for this McDonald's I guess"
  • "Food was okay, but they get the order wrong frequently. The same staff member has been very sarcastic and ill-tempered with me on two seperate visits when I requested that she correct the order. Last time she filled the order incorrectly three times, and I still walked out with the order incomplete."
  • "They brought the wrong food and missing our coffee,.so we asked to be refunded and left that place. We definitely don't recommend this place at all."
  • "We went for breakfast on the way to work. We went inside the restaurant and order to go. One of the biscuits was missing the eggs, and the cappuccino was filled only 2/3 of the small cup and half of it was milk foam."

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