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9951 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837

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  • "These people are crooks! I had them replace my brake pads and rotors, and even had them swap out a caliper which the technician said was leaking. After all this, I went there to have a groaning noise checked out, which was coming from my brakes, and it started after Meineke worked on my brakes. I went to a different shop with honest mechanics and they told me the people who did your brakes didn't grease the sliders and that's the noise I keep hearing. I went back to Meineke and the guy wanted to charge me $30 to grease the sliders. I asked him aren't you supposed to do that during the installation of new pads? He said: "No, we only do a swap of the parts." I couldn't believe that! I feel so scammed and will never go here for anything! "
  • "If I could give them NO stars I would..... I went in for a routine oil change and came out with a bad oil leak. They changed my oil and the man told me my engine is leaking. However I never had problems before. He asked me if I wanted to get it fixed and I let them know that I already had a mechanic and would let him fix it. Not even 10 miles away from their store, my oil light came on. I don't know WHAT they did to my care because my oil light has never come on and my car has NEVER leaked oil. I wouldn't go here. Especially if you are a woman by yourself because they will try to get over on you. I will be going back tomorrow to make a formal complain to management and see what I can have done to fix my car. "
  • "Easily the worst service I've ever gotten. They have great deals with their coupons for oil changes and inspections but after I got it done, my car was in way worse shape than when i brought it in. Had an oil leak hours after getting it done. These people are scammers."
  • "good service"
  • "Don't worry they will honor their coupons. But will charge you extra because somehow your car uses more than 5 qts. These guys are crooks. They overcharge for everything. Some lady was getting her brakes done and they were charging her $1600 for a $400 job. Just get a 2nd option before you commit. Also, they spilled oil on my engine manifold and didn't realize it until I got home. I though I had an oil leak. When I complaint to them, they didn't seem to concerned. Very sloppy workmanship. I would not recommend these guys at all. "

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