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  • "Like that it's close and I can get cat, bird and squirrel supplies. I have outside feeders for the birds (cardinals, doves, crows, etc) and squirrels love the food. It is reasonably priced Other customers in the store are usually kind and friendly. The male customer service staff is usually great and knowledgeable once you get their attention. The young cashiers are usually pretty nice. The older ones run hot and cold and they seem to hate to do price checks. Join their rewards program for additional savings. They even send coupons in the mail! This location also has mobile vet events on some weekends. They don't answer a lot of questions. I guess I had too many as a new cat guardian. They seem to just do common vaccines for dewormer and a shot for tapeworm and then sell you a six/twelve month flea treatment that will set you back $100-$200. I forget how much the vaccines were... maybe around $20 or so. It was not a cheap experience after buying the flea treatment. It's supposed to be better than the commercial treatments. I guess guess we will see."
  • "You wanna 40lb bag of cat food for your crazy cat lady mother in law, cause this is the place to get it! Oh, they got all kinds of other great stuff here too, but that blew my mind. Stop in get a tomato plant and a farmer's almanac and learn to grow local, lol"
  • "Employees never been friendly when I check out. Always talk to customers ahead of me, then when it's my time for them to check me out don't speak no eye contact at all! Very disappointing! Won't be going back to shop!"
  • "clean store, nice people working here that are helpful. doesnt have everything as its more for farmers, but in a pinch - it works."
  • "One stop for all agricultural needs"

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