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3131 Cobb Pkwy SE #100, Atlanta, GA 30339

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  • "Food was good. Steak fajitas were cooked perfectly. Black beans, tacos and the tamale were also good. Server was amazing. He was very fast and ensured we had everything we needed."
  • "This place is AWFUL! We never made it to the food. We ordered two different margaritas. Mine was the special $11.99 one. Well Yuck! I left it on the table. My husband couldn't drink his either. REALLY? ? $30 we will never get back! Service was equally as bad. "
  • "First experience at Don Pablo's was horrific, the food was definitely not genuine mexican food. The service was even worse, upon request we were unable to get a refill of water. We then had to wait to get our check and once the server decided to come back she merely dropped the check on the table and kept walking. We then went to the hostess to pay our check, this took another 15 minutes waiting for someone to provide our change. Needless to say no tip was left and we will never return despite the manager wanted to treat us to drinks!"
  • "Service was bad, food not so good either. Ribs was hard to chew and kinda dry. Will not come back"
  • "We asked for flour tortillas for our enchiladas, they came out in corn. Our server insisted that she asked for flour just for us and that it was right. We took another bite, absolutely corn with out a doubt. She finally took our order away and had them re-made. Two managers were walking around, no apology from either of them. They asked every table but ours how the meal was. EPIC FAIL...OUR FIRST TIME THERE....DOUBT WE WILL BE BACK!"

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