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So your roots are showing, or perhaps you just need a blowout for that special event. Whatever the occasion, when you need to get to a salon fast, you need to help you find a hair salon near you.

We have the largest directory of hair salons across the United States. We know just where to find them too. makes it easy to find the one nearest you by providing addresses, phone numbers, operating hours and maps to get you there. We'll never give you one that isn't open right now. We've got the real-time information you need.

Geolocation makes it easy for to help you find every open hair salon location near where you are. Just click 'Find Near Me' and you'll be on your way. We can find you the largest chains like SmartStyle, Great Clips, and Supercuts plus we can find smaller salons too.

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And if you're wondering if that new hair salon in town is any good, aggregates all the customer ratings from other sites including Yelp and Google in order to list the best hair salon locations higher in the search results. That means that the results you get will be a list of the highest-rated hair salons, so you don't find yourself at one that has ranked poorly in customer service.

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