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1030 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60610

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4:00 – 11:00 PM
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Most Recent Comments

  • "We had a great experience! Booked a private area for a birthday event with about 15 people on a Friday night. Our server Janina was fantastic and answered so many ridiculous questions from the group! The manager Aaron was also friendly and available to help out. The place was NOT crowded at all (apparently summer months are much lighter than winter), and there was a wide selection of games from classic to current, also an interactive photo booth. We had a good buffet (Tuscan buffet) with lots of Italian items: pastas, chicken, bread, vegetables. The vegetarian lasagna was the biggest hit! The birthday boy had an amazing time, and we will definitely be back!"
  • "This location has rude employees. A few of my friends & I wanted to get a table before we put a few drinks in our system but the greeter, who never greeted us, told us the wait for the restaurant part will be 25,30,35,40 (exactly how she said it) minutes long even though the whole restaurant area was empty minus a table or two. If you're a greeter, you're suppose to say 'hello' and make your customers feel welcomed. This greeter had an attitude, was rude, and she just looked at us with a blank stare, continuing a conversation with one of security while we were waiting to be greeted. When I gave her my name and number so she could call when our table was ready, we went to the bar inside the arcade. There, the female bartender never greeted us, walked passed my friends & I a good 4 times before she even said hello. And when she did say hello, it was a rude hello. Ignoring her attitude, we ordered our drinks. Mines was nasty and didn't come out to be how the book advertised and I asked if I could replace it. The second drink was good but when requesting this drink in replace of the first drink, the bartender said fine, stomped toward the blender, threw my drink away with force and made my drink with much attitude. She did this with my friend as well as she didn't like her drink that was made for her. After 40 minutes past and we were still at the bar, we headed back to the restaurant part because our table should've been ready but the greeter never contacted me. We approached the greeter and all she said was 'my bad. I thought I called' knowing very well she knew she didn't. She said something else as she was walking away but I couldn't make it out so I ignored it. Once seated, we were approached by Jay (the waiter). He's the reason why I'm giving this review a 4 star because he made our night much better. Great attitude, helped me with my order, and was always there when needed. If it wasn't for him, I'd give the place a 1 star 😊 Thank you Jay for making my night when your coworkers didn't."
  • "My family came to Chicago for an event and made plans to eat and play at DB while we were in Chicago.We came in and was seated right away because it was not busy with a lot of open tables on a Saturday. Our waitress greeted us and everything went down hill after that. I made it appoint to tell her we had nEVER BEEN TO A DB before. She totally ignored it and did not explain anything to us on any eat and play combos, location of the game room or how the entire processes worked. *12 our of 8 people in our party got drinks before the meal. We were told they ran out of ice. Drinks brought after food was served. * after requesting napkins we were given drink napkins(the small square kind that go under your glass * no drink refills the entire meal *asked to move while eating because a table was having a birthday party and needed more room. * never asked how our meal was and were we satisfied *asked several times were we done eating * total lack of communication from the waitress * conversations between employees on the floor where the types of conversations that should not be held in front of customers. We did tip the waitress 15% however we were very bummed by the experience. The commercial makes you feel like the atmosphere is live and fun. It reminded me of your typical neighborhood bar and grill."
  • "D&B has cool games to play. The downside is the amount of money you end up spending. Some of the games uses a lot of your game credits so you run out of them quick. The Eat and Play deals aren't really deals to me. I remember going one evening with someone else. We did the Eat and Play and the bill was around $100 for the two of us. D&B is ok to visit when you have money to burn. "
  • "Horrible bartenders and slow kitchen service. Was very cold in dining area. Was served a flat drink and tool 10 minutes for me to get a fresh drink and it took for the intervention of a manager to do so rather than the bartender that served me the drink."

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