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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

6911 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

(225) 368-1630
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  • "Recently we visited Olive Garden my husband and I and two friends. We were at a table where waitress was real new and needed more training desperately. We were all four of us unhappy with our entrees. The men ordered raspberry tea and it was far short of what we always receive there. The waitress did volunteer to bring more but it would have been the same thing so why. Each of us got a pasta dish and was not enough sauce on the pasta. It was very dry and when we ask for more sauce they said there was a charge for it. I have done this many times before and never has been a charge for extra sauce. To me they do not put enough sauce on the pasta to begin with this last time or before but always brought me more with no complaints. They also said to get more raspberry in the tea that would be an extra charge. We were very disappointed in the quantity and quality of the food. The serving portions were very small and our guys are big eaters. We asked for several items a couple of times each and never received them. After a while we just gave up on them. It will be a while before I go back. I don't think this manager that is there now knows what he's doing. There was another table close to us where he came out and talked with them because they asked to see him. So they apparently had a problem too. Upon entering the restaurant we noticed a foul smell like wet carpet. Never did figure out what that was. My husband and I both ordered soup rather than salad and the soup clearly needed more seasoning. It's like they have cut back on everything seasonings, portions, sauces and additives."
  • "Olive Garden's always seems to do better on their dinners then their lunches. Great place, good customer service and good food. Remember that Olive Garden's most busy day out the year is Mother's day."
  • "My wife and my kids wanted to go eat Olive Garden but I didn't want to go there again based on previous experiences.. Today.. Once again.. we have ordered appetites but it didn't come out which waiter forgot to put in order to kitchen .. I was wondered that why we didn't get our appetites but other table get them which they arrived way later than us.. and the main meal came out about an hour later and entire main meals were dried out and cold which we barely ate them.. We also ordered steak with cream spaghetti but the steak was very salty .. same as you just put salt in your mouth..and other main meal was burnt that my kid couldn't eat and the food was already dried and very awful taste... My wife ordered drink (cocktail) and came out after the meal which waiter just realized that he forgot.. Before and today .. their serve was terrible and foods...of course it wasn't even worth to eat over there again...I spent over $100 .. but not anymore .. We won't be there again .. NEVER AGAIN ... Manager was going to fully refund .. but I wasn't asking for the money .. That very offended me and make me feel so bad that manager asked me that she can refund which I am not the level of other people kind looking for the money back after we ate.."
  • "My favorite restaurant!!! Love the food here and they have really good calamari in their sampler. I can fill up on just the bread sticks."
  • "My wife daughter and I went here for a Sunday lunch date it was terrible 15 minutes to get a drink! We should have left then. So we ordered an appetizer an our food at the same time, cuz we knew the menu inside an out at this point. We got our meal first 15 minutes later our appetizer then finally our salad! It was so agrivating 40$ for god awful service an Luke warm food!!"
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