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3335 Corridor Marketplace, Laurel, MD 20724

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  • "This store is amazing. I took my father-in-law here from Germany, and he was positively blown away. This place is huge and has an amazing selection with great prices. You can get literally get anything you want alcohol wise, and they have tons of nice little knick knacks that you can pick up for anyone in your life that loves alcohol. The prices were so good that my father-in-law picked up three bottles of various liquors that he couldn't get cheaper in Germany (one was Grey Goose)."
  • "Love every Total Wine store I've been in. The staff is very helpful and their Laurel store is remarkably well stocked. I was hosting friends and took them here to pick up some locally brewed beer. They even carry the brand of Sake they love. It's great to have Total Wine in the neighborhood."
  • "This place is like AWESOME. Staff is super attentive, always helping and recommending. Prices are great. It's worth the drive to hit this store. Excellent selection on EVERYTHING!! Love their selection of local wines. Staff is super nice"
  • "Been coming here for years and they always have the best price. Plus if you buy a bottle of wine and you take a test taste, if you don't like it put the cork back on and return it to the store. Yes you can return open bottles of wine. In Maryland it's okay but not in California. And don't turn in half a bottle of wine lol they won't take it I'm talking maybe a cup or less."
  • "It is huge store, everything well organize an labeled. For been that big easy to shop. The prices are very good, not overpriced. I will shop there from now on even is far from where I leave."

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