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11610 Old Georgetown Rd, Rockville, MD 20852

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  • "First and last time. Onion soup looked and tasted like it had been sitting the whole day. Chicken crepe was very salted. Had to turn it down. Just moved into the neighborhood and had hoped for better. Other people in my apt building said the same. Not a classy establishment. Perhaps they think it is chic because one of the helper seems to know some French. It takes a lot more than that. Less than one star!"
  • "I have not personally stepped inside this restaurant BUT I have had the God-Given Pleasure to Savor their Outstanding Cuisine MANY times! My sister usually stops by & pick up a few of their goodies on her way back from work in DC. Let me give you the Low Down on what to order here.......The Quiche!......that is some Good Stuff! Also try the Soups.....Awesome!!! The Bakery will blow your mind........and then you can finish it all off with a delicous Strawberry Cheesecake sure to put you in that Happy Place! Go their when you have a Taste for something Sweet!!!! ALWAYS HAD A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE WITH THIS RESTAURANT!!! RECOMMENDED!!!"
  • "Food was good and the place quiet and clean. Staff was pleasant. I was disappointed they were out of something and it took FOREVER to get my Togo order when they weren't busy and I was sitting waiting on it"
  • "The food was excellent but they were very slow and I was in a rush they offered me another meal but I did not have the time and they would not give me just a free meal"
  • "Love la Madeleine! Tried the new Mediterranean salad. Didn't cate for it. Too many things going on with the Caesar salad with feta cheese, Tzaziki sauce, artichoke and olives. Won't be ordering this again."

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