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Most Recent Comments

  • "If there is a place for getting professional help in choosing booze, it's here. I had a whole discussion about rum with an employee, and they were really well informed. People bring shopping carts in and just load up with alcohol. They have the largest selection I've ever seen, of wine and beer, but also liquors. I feel like they know their stuff. Also, when I moved I found they have the best free boxes ever. Double win."
  • "Total Wine is as good as its namesake- If you can't find it somewhere else, there's a good chance it's here. I was looking for a less than popular German Cherry Brandy for a dessert recipe and my local shop, a very nice store in most respects, had never heard of it. A Google search later, I found this Baltimore store had this cherry brandy from multiple distilleries! Four stars instead of five because it's not the most aesthetically pleasing place, reminiscent of Home Depot of Alcohol."
  • "Extraordinarily busy wine, beer and spirits store that has great prices, lousy service in a store that was designed and laid out by a crzy person. From a parking lot that might sit at a 30 degree angle that has expanded to a parking garage at the peak of the hill, this place needs to find twice the space set on level ground. As you enter, one is met with flattened corrugated boxes spread about to catch whatever people are tracking from outside. It lacks any sort of aesthetics. It feels like you have walked into a busy car repair shop where the mechanics toil. The wine side is kind of shady as they flood their shelves with unknown wineries, that sound and appear to fit into the flow of the shelf set. They are generic blends, marketed as a typical California sounding winery (eg. the name has two words of two syllables, the label matches the look of other similar wineries like Glen Ellen or Bel Arbor which are legitimate wineries). They sell these "drummed up" wines priced against the higher end wines. The consumer does not get the advantage of buying these generic blends with fancy labels at the lower end of the scale where they should be priced. For this practice I have little admiration. One the other end, they offer the best deals in town for the yeoman merchandise (Budweiser, Smirnoff, and box wines.) They were an early advocate of building your own six packs. Now it has grown to a complete aisle, lined with multi-shelved gondolas. Nowadays, I cannot imagine how it can be shopped on a Saturday. The laws of fluid dynamics need to be applied. This is the place you go when your planning a party big enough for a keg with all the fixings."
  • "Went to total wine to select some wines for the FOX 45 Morning News wine segment "Vinovember" and was amazed by the wine selections at the store. Very friendly and helpful staff. Will recommend the location live on the air for the November segment. Job well done!"
  • "This place is amazing. The largest selection of any liquor store I have ever been to in my life. Beers and wine from around the globe as well as local favorites. The staff are courteous and knowledgeable too. The parking lot can be a little dangerous at times when they are busy, but otherwise I usually do not go anywhere else to stock my liquor cabinet."

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