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1005 N Leroy St, Fenton, MI 48430

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  • "Very bad service. Activated a nice metro phone I already had & it costed $60 which seemed high for metro. considering I already had 3 phone lines it was going along with. $30 a month for the additional seemed okay, i did ask for the cheapest one, so hopefully that was it? Going to pay the lady said that I had to pay with a debt card. I said what do you mean you don't take credit (it was just a normal visa). She said "We prefer debt" & something about it being a small charge ($60!! is a small charge, what??) & said something about how Metro PC stores always want debt like they are all insisting you pay that way.?? I am thinking For Real you gonna pull that on me. I said yes, you might prefer debt, but you do take credit right? Again she said "We prefer debt" & stood there like she was not going to process it if I didn't give her a debt card. Mind you my bank account is a little low, so I really did not want to have to do that & was not planning on having to. However, I also did not want to argue with her, because she was obviously just that bad of an employee or the boss was telling her to do it for profits (which I already have several fees for activation)... & I have better things to do. So, I paid with debit. Blah Blah, just wanted to say this store sucks. Also, I got an additional fee several days later from Metro for some app that blocks phones calls (which she did not tell me about or was not aware of) & additional fees because of the activation date not matching the monthly bills??? Called metro & they were taken off, but geez come on."
  • "always great service and every time i go in there need help they do their best."
  • "Absolutely the worst Metro store experience. My son saved his money and bought a I phone and wanted to switch it to metro Pcs. I called and was told it would be 15 to switch and a additional 20 if it needed a Sims card. So 35 total worst case senerio. My son goes in has it changed and the lady said that will be $61 dollars. And he only had $35. She then proceeded to say it can't be switched back. Long story short she switched it back, we drove to the next metro pcs store on Hill Rd and Fenton rd they switched it with a new Sims card for $20 total. I will never go back to the metro pcs store in Fenton ever not even to pay a bill even though it's close to my home."
  • "Great customer service!"
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