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  • "The pharmacy here isn't for me, my prescriptions are often overpriced compared to Walmart & Riteaid. However, the lady who works the mid-day shifts in the cosmetics area is amazing. She always helps me find exactly what I'm looking for with ease. She also knows a lot about certain products, which is awesome for people with skin allergies like myself. I'll have to make sure to remember and catch her name next time I shop here."
  • "We have had nothing but problems with this place. This time, the amount of medicine to be given to my 5 year old was incorrectly typed on the bottle, along with her name being in "quotes" because it is a unique name. You will always have to wait at LEAST an hour just to pick up because there is always a line of at least 5 people, and they do not bill your insurance correctly. They will tell you your insurance doesn't cover it and that you need to pay 55 dollars for some cough medicine. You call your insurance company when you get home and they do indeed cover it. I've never seen the same workers twice. This place needs to be shut down. We switched to Walmart a year ago but decided to give walgreens one more chance yesterday since the doc still had Walgreens on file as our primary pharmacy for our daughter. Now we are fully switched over because they always prove they are a joke."
  • "Wow!!! I have read the other one star reviews and mine is identical!! They never have the same people working in the pharmacy, high turnover rate and I know why. I went here five years ago and switched to Rite Aid because they were simply terrible and mean and constantly unprofessional. Courtney who is now the NEW and very young and inexperienced pharmacist is TERRIBLE she can not admit, even with written proof when she is wrong. They do have a hard time refilling in March and they red flag anyone using any type of pain medication even Tramadol which is not a narcotic. I did some research and found Walgreens and CVS both had significant penalties for the way they filled out schedule drugs and after that they both decided to simply not want anything to do with it. They red flag customers, clearly go against HIPPA laws, argue, lie and state they do not have that particular medication and it will not matter how many times you call their main office to complain because the head office is very aware of this practice and encourages it so they will no longer be fined. Go to Walmart, Rite Aid, or any other small chain pharmacy as Walgreens has to be the worst. I find it funny they actually give out surveys now and tell you to write in about your experience! I certainly did and told them about Courtney and I never received an apology or even a response. I have wrote to the Pharmacy Board, OCR, and main headquarters. Trust me, I had trusted them five years ago and they continued to mess up so after five years I recently went back as it's so close to where I live and within one month I am now banning Walgreens again and permanently, I will not even shop there because they will not fix their pharmacy and the very arrogant pharmacist. Don't tell them your doctor prescribed something that means nothing to them as Courtney the pharmacist clearly stated "I don't care what your doctor prescribed"! After much debate Courtney the irresponsible and obviously too young pharmacist felt entitled to refuse to refill my script at all! So now pharmacist override our doctors and professionals as well as any customer or other pharmacy. People need to file more complaints to your Pharmacy Board as the power given to these pharmasist is getting out of control and needs to be monitored greatly. The DEA has stated it is not refusing these medications that it is now the "discretion" of the pharmacies and physicians but physicians will say it's the pharmacies and so would others. I feel a class action suit will happen in the future with Walgreens because people will only endure this behavior so long before they decide to do something against it to correct the problem. This is not just scheduled medications either. They have stated several times my kids or myself were not insured on certain medications and I am!! I have BCBS and pay greatly for it. They say it's not covered you owe the regular price. I have to go home call my insurance company and have them call Walgreens AGAIN to fix their mess up. They will not apologize so never expect it. Imagine if it's heart medication that's very much needed and they say your insurance does not cover it? I can only imagine how many have paid full price out of pure desperation and convenience. I think Walgreens should be fined for every mistaken medication they have received full price for. When I came back to pick up my daughters medication to show my insurance card---yet again, Walgreens magically now had the proper $4 co-pay my insurance charges??? Makes you question the ethics of this company. No wonder it's always empty."
  • "It's an Okay pharmacy. As long as you don't mind teaching them how to count days on a calendar, proving that you can indeed refill your prescription "3 days early". Three days earlier than what, I do not know, but apparently, simple addition and subtraction are not apart of the criteria for being a pharmacist. Their computer system does not count for them, which is a huge mistake because then you must rely on whomever is working that day to do inaccurate math in their head. For example, some months have 30 days, not all of them, like they apparently believe. Others have 31 days, hell, one month even has 28 days. That must be their worst month of the year for refills. However can they figure out when you can get your refill in March without talking to a top notch mathematician? I have even taken in a calendar and numbered the days to make the count very very........very simple. The problem is, once they give you an answer, whether they are wrong or not, they will not admit it and actually do what's right, they'll just stand by their initial wrong answer because hey, the customer is always wrong, and we're all drug addicts and dealers,.....right? God forbid any of them get an ailment, condition, or life long injury where they must depend on medication daily and do not want to run out or might even want to have a few extra because, surprise, we are not machines, there are variables in our lives and everyone is different. I wish I could depend on only needing 3 pills per day but uh oh, some days are different. Christmas for example is a very busy time, and also, painful if you suffer from the constant attack of pain. Thusly, that is a day where extra is needed. Their answer to that? Talk to your doctor and get more prescribed. I don't need or want an extra 30 pills per month, I just want my pharmacy to go by their own policy and refill my script 3 days early and I'll be fine. But 3 days early from what? From when my current script is completely gone, on the 31st day? or 3 days early meaning the 30th day is zero, 29th is one, 28th is 2 and 27th day of script is 3? Apparently not. It literally changes depending on with whom you are speaking and how they feel that day. Well,.....screw how they feel, I'm the one that needs the damn medicine that I'd rather not have to take at all but must. So, if you like being judged and getting your refills whenever they feel like it or according to their quick, highly inaccurate math, then this is the place for you. Enjoy your dealing with this pharmacy while you've already got a problem, otherwise, why would you be getting medicine, they ice your cake nicely. Thanks Walgreens, you make my medical problems that much worse with which to deal. (last man on earth)"
  • "Never going back to this store again the pharmacy staff are rude as they're so SLOW so I took my prescriptions Elsewhere and never been happier. Don't waste your time going here "
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