Cold Stone Creamery - 1490 S Linden Rd

Cold Stone Creamery

1490 S Linden Rd, Flint, MI 48532

Hours may fluctuate. For detailed hours of operation, please contact the store directly.

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  • "First and last time I'll ever come here. First of all, the person was rude and ignored us standing there awhile.... .... But then it got worse when I tried to use my birthday coupon for a buy one get one free offer which said on the coupon it was for this location only and she was like, "We don't accept coupons here." Not even when I showed the information on the coupon. She went and got a manager from the back and that person also refused to honor the coupon saying they don't take coupons there. I won't be coming back. Even when it is shown to them what the coupon was saying, they wouldn't take it. Worst company ever and I will not be back."
  • "I came here really excited to get some ice cream because I never realized we have a coldstone here in flint. Waited for 10 minutes, had to tell her what I wanted 3 times, and she still forgot my waffle cone. The woman who had ordered in the drive through waited so long for her ice cream that she parked and came inside where they had to take another 2 minutes to even try to get it in a cup that fit the size they gave her. And after all this they still hadn't even acknowledged or asked my boyfriend what he wanted. Ps wiping down counters between ice creams is an absolute must. Try it some time. Will not be returning. I'll drive to the one in Flint. At least I know the experience will be better and worth the drive."
  • "Good ice cream and shakes. "
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