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4340 B Miller Road, Flint, MI 48507, USA

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  • "I love my dress. The dress fit perfectly after the alterations. I'm giving only 3 stars, though, because the price is outrageous. It cost me $545 to have my dress altered by them. That's insane. I already spent over $1,000 on the dress as it was. Weddings are expensive and you can totally find somewhere else to get alterations done with quality just as good for a lot less. Overall satisfied though."
  • "Lindsey was awesome, The entire crew was very nice and friendly. Found a wedding dress the first day. They asked how much could I afford to spend, I told them my price range & she found me something elegant and beautiful. I thank you all for the lovely service and making my fiancee and I feel welcome. Recommendations is a plus & I shall return as well 💓💓💓"
  • "Our Consultant was so wonderful, went above and beyond, can't imagine my experience being better than it was. I went in very stressed and she put me at ease, made me feel comfortable, I never at any moment felt rushed or pushed to buy anything, but we did end up saying yes to a dress and it ended up being more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. The consultant' s insight and the store selection made all the difference for me."
  • "I once gave you a 5 because of the wonderful customer service I received from Lucy. I am permanently changing my rating to a 1 because I cannot believe the lack of customer service this store offers! I went with my bridesmaids and WE picked dresses to try, WE were our own consultants, WE felt like we were putting out our consultant, it was clearly the end of her shift. We only tried on a few dresses because she wouldn't pull anything! I was annoyed we bought a dress because she got commission for doing absolutely nothing! A dress we saw another girl trying on we asked to try and she never got it for us!! We missed out on a dress that we really wanted to try! Then I had to take my future stepdaughter to pick out her dress a different day. I took her and both mothers. The consultant pulled the dress my bridesmaids picked for her to try and then disappeared! I had to go find her to get the short version of the dress, which I told her to pull from the start! As the mothers were looking at dresses they wanted to try, she was nowhere! I literally pulled every single dress they both tried on! We found a dress they each loved and we all decided to not buy it because we didn't want her to get the commission when she wasn't anywhere to be found and she didn't do her job at all. You lost 2 sales that night, you would have lost a total of 6 sales if I wasn't in a position to have to buy from your company since one of the bridesmaids lives in Texas. The icing on the cake was when I went in to pick up my future stepdaughters dress and I needed to buy another swatch. The consultant that was there just so happened to be the one I had with my bridesmaids. She wanted to ARGUE with me about what color swatch I needed and then ripped the dress out of my hand and held it up to the color board, of course I WAS RIGHT! She then proceeded to give me the lace overlay swatch...not my dress. When I said that she got mad at me and argued again about the dress. Finally, I was able to buy the correct swatch! Do Not support this business unless you want to be your own consultant and not get paid for it!"
  • "My experience as the bride trying to find the right bridesmaids dresses for my bridesmaids wasn't the best. If I was an consultant I would have looked at the favorites saved by the bride and would've known what sizes were available to try on in the store. My bridal party is women of all sizes and I was unhappy that everyone wasn't able to try on my favorite dress. I do appreciate David's Bridal's prices and that is the reason I scheduled an appointment to come back and try to find my bridesmaids dresses. I pray we have a better experience in November."
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