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Most Recent Comments

  • "Gregg and Brandon are great, they make sure you are taken care of and understand everything. I wish I could give them more stars. Thank you for all of your hard work."
  • "Extremely helpful associates. They helped me and a friend come up with a good plan to be on a family plan on the future offering a great deal on a prepaid phone to add to my account in a month. Saved hundreds of dollars "
  • "Greg is very knowledgeable and went far above the norm to make sure I under stood my phone."
  • "These guys and gals are able to place you with the person that can best help you. Could process their transactions a little faster. "
  • "AVOID THIS LOCATION IF YOU WANT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I've visited this location several times and have been with Tmobile for over ten years. VISIT 1: Went online and saw a promotion for a $20/mo. iPhone. It said available only in store. I show up....NO WE CANT HELP YOU. I go home and call Tmobile and they tell me to go back to the store. They also quote me a phone trade price of $197. VISIT 2: Go back for the promotion, I get a different guy. He honors the promotion, but tells me I only get $120 for my phone trade in ---before even looking at the condition of my phone. My phone was still in my purse. I tell him what tmobile quoted me and he tells me that the "price fluctuates". In an hour? Okay. I go home, and proceed to order over the phone and got the $197 price PLUS promotion. I get the iPhone via mail, it doesn't work. Tech support, then Apple. no one can solve the issue. I call tmo for a replacement, and they tell me that to save time, visit the store and pick up a replacement; they are sending me a label to return the broken iphone. VISIT 3: I walk up to the counter tell the rep that I was sent by tmo for a replacement. She says, "We don't do that here; we dont have em in stock, and even if we did, I dunno why they sent you to us. We're corporate." Then, she grabs my iPhone and proceeds to tell me that my phone wasn't working correctly BECAUSE THE YOUTUBE APP WASN'T UPDATED. I work in tech support. I have a master's degree in IT. I'm no novice. She updated the app. My phone still wasn't working. WTF. Tmobile promptly sent me a replacement overnighted. She never offered to help, only offered to try to make me look stupid. She never tried to solve my problem. The prior rep just wanted to turn me away. I'm beginning to believe the culture of this kiosk's management is power-by-turning-away. Get it together, T-Mobile Management. I won't be back."

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