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1570 E Pierson Rd, Flushing, MI 48433

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Most Recent Comments

  • "Oh my god. I call the linden/Corunna location to have them transfer a prescription to this location for me. The pharmacist said I have to call the location I want it to go to. No big deal. I call, someone answers the phone and apparently just leaves it off the hook... I'm screaming into the phone and can hear all this noise but no one is answering. So I call back. The woman who answers was talking so fast I seriously could not understand what she was saying. I ask her to repeat herself, she goes just as fast, but with am incredible attitude. First time going through Walgreens and the absolute last. You lost a customer before you even gained one."
  • "Always a positive experience! Very friendly and helpful staff!"
  • "Everytime we come to this walgreens we have to wait for no less than 30 minutes just to pick up a script already dropped off. And don't even think about going through then drive through. They let cars just sit there while they wait for scripts it's horrible. Kroger is by next door and I would recommend going there instead. "
  • "We always trust this Walgreens first for our health needs. The pharmacists at the drive-thru are always knowledgeable and welcoming."
  • "Friendly Staff"

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