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Dave & Buster's

19375 Victor Pkwy, Livonia, MI 48152

(734) 452-4600
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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  • "This place used to be advertised as more of the adult version of Chuck E Cheese. Seems to me that the place is full of kids. I get it. Money has to be made, but it's getting ridiculous. At the very least, enforce some behavior rules on the kids. As always, the food is mediocre at best. The worst was when I got my wife some chocolate "fondue" which was basically Hershey Syrup in a bowl. I'd rate this lower, but the games are well maintained and functioning in a spacious area. The decimal point cost of the games is ridiculous. Tickets are tight, but that's understandable too. A very up and down experience. Great in some senses (clean, everything works, spacious), but not great in others (food, children behavior). In closing I'll add that the wait staff really tries hard and it's not their fault with the product that they work with."
  • "Came in with a large group for the lions game this past Monday and had excellent service from our server Jessica. She let us know all specials that were going on before even asking. She was fast and very attentive. She was honest about the questions we has and was patient even with a slew of other tables. I highly recommend her service."
  • "Food was terrible. Service was terrible, everything was so dirty the floor had food all over it the waitress cleaned our table with a napkin. And kept putting hot plates and silverware in from of my 9 month old.... worst service ever. Also the menus were absolutely disgusting dirty! Food was disgusting salads came out with food.... never would eat there again. Games are great for kids and family."
  • "I have had a horrible experience here. Waited 30 minutes before anyone came to take my order. Then when someone finally did, it wasn't my server it was someone letting me know the server was busy. We waited another 30 minutes for our order to be taken and even it took forever for the food to actually come. I had a friend go to the bar to order his wife a drink, they told him he was drunk so he couldn't get a drink, he explained it was for his wife and they called the manager on him and had him escorted him out. It was very rude, and this whole experience was terrible. I gave two stars cause the food was decent. Other than that, this place is understaffed and unprofessional."
  • "Dave&Busters is awesome. A little pricey on food and games but the food menu has some unique items. The arcade games are some of the newest and popular games. Still a little more expensive than they should be. Great place for the family before 8. I would return. 8 out of 10 Thanks"
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