Dave & Buster's - 234 W 42nd St, 3rd Floor

Dave & Buster's

234 W 42nd St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10036

(646) 495-2015
10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
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Most Recent Comments

  • "It’s a fun place but has several issues. Firstly there is a cover after a certain time like it’s a club. Second the restaurant is subpar; the food wasn’t great, half of our order was incorrect, the first waiter was great but half way they switched and our second waiter seemed new and the manager was very stand-offish. The games were fun, but several of them didn’t work when it came to crediting tickets for prizes, which is not a big deal in itself but along with everything else kind of put a damper on the experience. The experience was fun only because of the company I was with but it certainly could’ve been better from the venues end."
  • "Service was poor it was my husband and myself and 2 other couples and the waiter put all our orders together so his tip would be bigger and wouldn't separate it and wouldn't get the manager to do it we all had different methods of payments and he made us late to catch our bus back to our hotel so we had to run 6 blocks after eating! pissed off I was! If only he would've gave ea couple their checks and let us go we would've been fine!"
  • "I love Dave & Busters but this location has the absolute worst customer service. Came here today with my little brother and 3 of my other cousins and was immediately turned down because apparently someone else booked the entire space for 3 hours. All this is fine, but I called before heading out to ask about pricing and how the crowd was at the time and was never told that another party had it booked. When we arrived we were told that we were not allowed in, which is when I spoke to manager and all she could say was "sorry our staffed was not informed" The miscommunication between you and your staff is none of my business. What is my business is that I traveled to the city with a bunch of kids and was turned down. Moreover, as we stood outside trying to make other plans, tons of kids were coming out crying, but none of this is an issue because they are "sorry that their staff were not informed. Oh and what a coincidence that as we were standing outside their website is updated stating that the place will be closed for a few hours. "
  • "Me and my family went to Dave and busters and it was my sisters birthday and we had a ice cream cake and they didn't accept outside food so our cake melted. And I got a steak cooked on a medium and the I waited a while but my steak was still rare so I couldn't eat it. And we had another dish and it was samon and it was really dry and my steak tasted burnt. The arcade card cost a lot and you needed a lot of tickets to win prizes but they were all really cheap because I got a bunny stuffed animal and it's ear came of and the stitching was ripped"
  • "Came there yesterday with my mother to celebrate my birthday. The fun we experienced can't be described! Lots of games for both kids and adults. By the way, these games are repaired quickly. The food is AWESOME!!! I don't know about others, but what we ordered was fantastic. Best of all I liked the chocolate cake and the banana pie (recommend those). And last but not least, the people working at the diner were so nice and enthusiastic! Guys like Kenny and Lonnie always stopped by to check on us. The only disadvantage that occurred to my mother was the loud music, though you get used pretty quickly. However, that is such a tiny detail, it does not reflect on the score that I give this place (if I were able to give 6 stars, I would). We will for sure visit here again."
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