Amazon Eyeing Prospect of 6 New Amazon Go Stores

March 05, 2018

Amazon Eyeing Prospect of 6 New Amazon Go Stores

Amazon is contemplating opening six new Amazon Go stores in 2018. The first store opened less than a month ago, and the company is currently looking at opening an additional six.

The company has found at least three Seattle locations. It also looked at Los Angeles' mall - The Groove - for a Go store.

What makes the Amazon Go stores so different from other brick-and-mortar shops? The biggest feature is that there are no cashiers. Instead, a smartphone app will ring up groceries. The app will list the store item's prices, which means customers can get in and out without looking at the shelves.

That doesn't mean the Amazon Go stores are not entirely wait-free. Customers may find themselves in a line, considering the small capacity.

Should the company open the six locations in 2018, customers shouldn't expect it to go nationwide just yet. It is another sign the company is attempting to expand and ensure its technology reaches more people.

With the Whole Foods acquisition and its plans for a full-scale national delivery service, it's evident the company is looking to dominate both online and offline shopping.

Of course, six new grocery stores don't make it a monopoly, but the future sure looks interesting.