Anytime Fitness Gym In Willmar Moves To Bigger Location; Adds More Equipment For Members

January 18, 2017

Anytime Fitness Gym In Willmar Moves To Bigger Location; Adds More Equipment For Members

Willmar's, Minnesota Anytime Fitness recently underwent a huge makeover, moving from one location to its new one with more exercise equipment services and classes for its members to enjoy.

Anytime Fitness' company goal is to help increase the self-esteem of people who come to the gym.

Willmar's Anytime Fitness owner Andrea Gehrke said what makes them so different from other gyms is the care and service they provide to customers.

Anytime Fitness opened its doors at a strip mall 10 years ago. However, Gehrke bought the company in 2016, figuring it needed its own workout. She said Willmar was in dire need of an upscale fitness gym.

Although it was located adjacent to the Golden Palace restaurant, the business moved to the eastern edge of the space. Gehrke said the gym is 8,000-square feet; three times the space it has before.

With the new location, it allowed Gehrke and her team to increase the amount of equipment it provided and add other exercise programs to the mix.

Tia Swoyer is a fitness instructor and trainer, and she said she was excited about offering more classes to the gym's members. She said a new group workout room was included in the new location and would offer both traditional and virtual classes. A digital program lets members take a class even when it's late at night.

For the gym's main floor, there is a range of cardio, agility, free weights and strength training equipment. One side of the floor is for cardio such as bikes, treadmills and ellipticals. There are new windows for people to look out of and four 50-inch TVs.

The gym also has an astroturf floor, decreasing the impact on joints while people make their various agility moves. The area will have items like TRX bands and medicine balls. They can offer an array of variety to a workout and boost the number of calories a person burns.

Gehrke said some of the equipment could burn calories for two days - ideal for people who live a busy lifestyle.

Anytime Fitness has a plethora of free weights and strength training equipment such as dumbbells, free weights and plates and cable motion strength equipment.

The gym also has individual bathrooms, tanning beds and showers.

Members can access the gym anytime of the day or night - seven days a week. When people sign up, they are provided with a card key. The card key is available for the Willmar location for the first 30 days. And, afterward, it can be used at any Anytime Fitness location in the U.S., which there are over 3,000 of.

Anytime Fitness has also ensured its security system is the best - equipped with cameras and the Life Alert system. The alert button will connect to emergency responders whether it's for a medical problem or a security one.

Gehrke said it provides people with peace of mind.

She also said she wants the gym to be a place people feel comfortable in. The front lobby has inspirational boards, and prospective clients will meet with the staff and get a tour of the gym before they use any of the equipment. A trainer will talk with a new member, one-on-one, to find out about them and their goals. Gehrke said it's about improving a person's health, not just them losing weight on the scale.

Although the new gym just opened, the response from the public - members and non-members - has been mostly positive. Gehrke said the number of people joining the gym has increased since its move to the new location.