A&W Restaurants Offers Limited-Time Spicy Papa Burger With Oreo-Filled Peppermint Treat

December 12, 2016

A&W Restaurants Offers Limited-Time Spicy Papa Burger With Oreo-Filled Peppermint Treat

A&W Restaurants is introducing the Spicy Papa Burger that will go along with its chilly Oreo-filled Peppermint Treats.

The Spicy Papa Burger is a limited-time offer and comes with two 100% U.S. beef patties (one-third pound) on a toasted bun with two melted slices of American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. It will also come with the Spicy Papa Sauce and jalapenos to add some flavor and spicy.

The Peppermint Treats started during the summertime after A&W took to social media to help choose its 2016 Sweets & Treats holiday flavor. The Peppermint Oreo, which was announced in 2015, received the most votes. Today, the company added the Peppermint Polar Swirl with Oreos.

Marketing Direct Sarah Blasi said guests are enjoying the restaurant's "All American Food" menu, due to the better flavors and quality. She said the limited-time offer is one way the company is trying to re-brand itself - to give familiar, preferred foods a fresh, modern taste.

A&W, which was attained from YUM! Brands in 2011, is the country's oldest restaurant chain, celebrating 97 years. It has seen increases in same-store sales by nearly 24 percent. Blasi said there are two key reasons for this - culinary novelty and constant quality improvement.

A&W has flourished after it closed several underperforming locations. However, it opened more than 10 restaurants in the U.S., with an additional two to open by the close of December. 20 new restaurants have been planned for 2017. There are around 1,100 franchise sites in 10 countries, with over 600 in the U.S. alone.

The limited-time burger and peppermint treat will be available until Dec. 25. Prices will vary by restaurant location.