Baxter Residents Will See New Retail Center With Plethora of Stores Opening

September 18, 2017

Baxter Residents Will See New Retail Center With Plethora of Stores Opening

A new retail center is close to opening in Baxter.

HJ Development purchased a wooded lot near Costco and, added sand to it and started development on the retail center that will be home to several well-known stores - Dick's Sporting Goods, ULTA Beauty, PetSmart and T.J. Maxx. The construction company also planted trees to give the areas some new life.

HJ Development Vice President of Leasing and Development/Owner Chris Moe said the openings of these stores are close at hand with a target of mid-to late September. Moe said the retailers would announce their opening dates within a few weeks.

Dick's has an opening date slated for February 2018.

Not too long ago, HJ Development gave the retail spaces over to T.J. Maxx, PetSmart and ULTA Beauty, which are stocking store shelve and installing fixtures. The outside of the shopping center will be complete in the near future.

The project, which occurred on Elmwood Drive, led to the construction of an 89,179-square foot building, which can use multiple tenants. It is located on nearly nine acres of land between the former J.C. Penney Co. building and Costco. The only sign left that a J.C. Penney was once there is a handmade sign that says the business is closed. J.C. Penney moved to the standalone store in 2008, but it originally started in the downtown area along Laurel and Seventh Streets. It moved to East Brainerd Mall later on and then to its standalone store.