Burger King Buys Popeye's and Changes Are Possible

April 14, 2017

Burger King Buys Popeye's and Changes Are Possible

Chances are you heard the news that Burger King purchased Popeye's for a tune of $1.8 billion. What does that mean for the chicken restaurant? It means changes will happen, but nothing definitive has been made.

If you love the Popeye's menu, there are some changes you could see. According to a Canadian Business article, none of the big menu sellers will be cut from the menu. Price hikes are possible, but items are likely to see updates before this happens. Names changes to items may also be done to give the menu an update.

Popeye's is prime to grow globally. It doesn't have the presence like Burger King does, but can be expanded both at home and in foreign areas.

Another potential change is no longer using antibiotics in the chicken. If it does this, it will bring it to the level that Panera and Chipotle are sitting at with their antibiotic-free meat.