Carpentersville Residents To See Third O'Reilly Store

April 03, 2017

Carpentersville Residents To See Third O'Reilly Store

A third O'Reilly Auto Parts is being opened in the town of Carpentersville.

The 7,225-square foot building is being built along Lake Marian Road near the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Village documents note O'Reilly, which is based in Missouri, has a contract to buy Wal-Mart's empty property.

According to Marc Huber, Community Development Director, in a unanimous vote, the village board approved, the development plans that gives the company permission to start the construction.

Don Burroway is a trustee, who said he's concerned about the competition for AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. However, after doing some research, he said he found it wasn't unusual for these three stores to be opened in close proximity to one another.

KMA & Associates Architect David Mangurten is working with O'Reilly. He said O'Reilly representatives looked at the area to ensure the company would do well. He said the processes included looking at the demographics and other businesses.

Mangurten said company officials feel there's something special about the Carpentersville area.

According to Trustee Pat Schultz, the village shouldn't determine what businesses get land. He said along as their proposal is within the zoning requirements, that's all that should matter. Schultz said Wal-Mart owns the property, so they should decide to moves into the area.

Ed Ritter is the Village President, who thinks the choice to bring in O'Reilly's over other shops was made as a smart Wal-Mart business decision, as it would definitely produce sales taxes.