Christine Karnolt Credits Dad For Her Latest Dealership Acquisition

March 16, 2017

Christine Karnolt Credits Dad For Her Latest Dealership Acquisition

Christine Alicandro Karnolt is much like her dad, Martin Alicandro - she knows when something is a good deal.

She worked hard to gain the Bourne location so she could open up Marty's Chevrolet - a name she'd like Cape Cod residents to remember. Karnolt said she worked extremely hard on the request for proposal and presentation to ensure she was awarded the location.

Karnolt began the process in January 2016, filling out the request for proposal and sending in a marketing and sales plan for the proposed location. Karnolt was one of five finalists and presented her plans for a Chevrolet dealership in March. When she left the presentation, she felt she did well.

Karnolt received the call in May.

Marty's Chevrolet's grand opening was held November 2016 after Thanksgiving, which introduces Karnolt to the community and vice versa. She said she's happy about the chance to establish a business in town, as she's done for Kingston with her Marty's Buick GMC.

Her dad's mission was to work with a team that wanted to grow and succeed, ensuring customer satisfaction. In 1963, the young Marty worked as a mechanic fixing transmissions at his Kingston shop. He rented the location from Benny McFarland who owned the GMC dealership next door and worked hard to establish a solid reputation. In 1967, McFarland asked Marty if he wanted to take the location over and he agreed.

Marty moved his GMC location in 1974 - at the time it was a metal building with a dead-end exit. In the late 1980s, he purchased Hulbert Toyota Dodge.

Christine began working with her dad when she was 12, sweeping and doing other things to spend time with him. She said her dad was a good teacher, which has allowed her to succeed in business. Christine said she knew this was something she wanted to do.

She went to college and studied business management and computer science and then went to Detroit to a dealer school. She came back with a plethora of ideas, and her dad listened to them.

Christine said the pair renovated its dealership in Kingston and, a year later, she would take over the ownership of Marty's GMC. They attained the Buick, Pontiac and Isuzu franchises in 2005.

She states her can-do attitude is the result of beginning at a young age.