Costco May Soon Come To Woodstock No Date Set For Construction

March 20, 2017

Costco May Soon Come To Woodstock No Date Set For Construction

Woodstock officials have attained site plans for a proposed Costco development to be located on Ridgewalk Parkway. However, it doesn't know when the construction of the project will kick-off.

While the Costco website has no news about the Woodstock store in its upcoming locations section, the Developments of Regional Impact has an application that lists the project completion date to be December 2018.

Brantley Day is the Community Development Director, and he said Costco must make some changes. He said the agency had two sets of site plans, carried out reviews and made comments in January. He said the company is changing their plans and will eventually resubmit, but doesn't know when that might happen.

In June 2016, the city council had approved a Ridgewalk Holdings LLC application that included a mixed-use development and Costco for a 69-acre property near Interstate 575. According to the plan, there would be a 153,272-square-foot Costco, 18-pump gas station, liquor store, a stand-alone 62,000+ square foot retail space and 23 small-lot single family homes.

In the initial proposal, the plan had included over 300 apartment units, but the city council denied that plan due to potential traffic problems this could cause.

According to Day, the city attained plans for site grading and the Costco construction. He said no plans for the single family housing and retail space have been turned in. He said he believes things will get moving once the Costco construction begins.

Day is not sure when the construction is set to begin but said the process is going to take time since the site includes an array of topographical challenges. Day said there's a mountain in that location. He said it's going to be a challenging site to contend with. He went on to say he's inquisitive to see how long it takes the company to get the site ready.

He also said the Costco project is the most time-consuming project the staff has had to deal with, but the site plan was easy enough to contend with. Day said the plans are good, and they've developed Costco locations all across the nation.

Day said he and many others were excited about the prospect of Costco moving into the Woodstock community. He said the city would work hard with the design team to be sure the project is carried out to completion.