Derby Sprint Store Makes Rapid One-Day Move

January 10, 2017

Derby Sprint Store Makes Rapid One-Day Move

Zac Todd is the Sprint store manager in Derby, KS, and he made sure that the transition from the store's old location to the new one was done quickly. He and his team closed the old store down an hour earlier on Nov. 28, and on Nov. 29, the store was ready to go for customers.

According to Todd, this has to be done because of it being a very busy week - Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The business may not be as hectic has it once was, but it still sees a lot of traffic at the new location - 2151 N. Rock. Todd said the new building is 3,000 square feet, compared to the old location's square footage of 1,100.

He said with the new store, the business can offer more products - a variety of products that people may want to buy such as headsets, speakers and more.

The new Sprint store has seven employees (there were previously five at the old store) to improve the interaction between the customer and employee. There's also a service bar that includes nine chairs. Todd said there are a limited number of Sprint stores that have this layout.

In the new store, customers can choose from various models and brands like the new iPhone 7 and 7s models, which he said is the hottest product at the moment.

The staff will help with basic troubleshooting problems, but major phone problems will need to be sent out for repairs.

There's been one small challenge for the new Sprint store - getting customers acquainted with the access point. It's not off Rock Road as many people think. It's actually from the back - around the new Hardee's or the Tall Tree store.

Todd said eventually people would get used to it.

Todd has worked in the industry for more than 10 years, and places emphasize on customer services and staff experience. He said most of the knowledge staff have is usually from working within the industry.

He said it's interesting because, in a single day, there could be 50 issues the staff deals with.

Sprint is the nation's fourth wireless provider with 58.4 million subscribers.