Enfield Residents May Soon Get A Dollar General Store

July 14, 2017

Enfield Residents May Soon Get A Dollar General Store

Dollar General executives saw the opportunity to bring a shopping option to residents who live west of Ithaca, which had very little shopping choices to pick from.

The Broadway Group from Huntsville, Ala. is set to build a prefabricated metal building in the location where a single-family home currently sits along Mecklenburg Road. Southern Sates Bank of Alabama will fund the nearly $1 million project.

A look at Enfield's Planning Board shows that the applicant went to great lengths not to disclose the name, noting that the location will be the site for a "stand-alone dry goods store." The Broadway Group had a confidentiality clause with the unnamed clients that restricts what information can be said about the construction. On top of that, the construction loan has no name listed to the potential tenant.

A quick search on the Internet, however, shows that The Broadway Group works primarily with Dollar General stores. The Broadway Group will have possession of the metal building for at least a year before the title is transferred to an LLC such as Dollar General. An opening of late fall is slated for the store and is liable to bring an additional 10 to 12 jobs.

The store is part of Dollar General's aggressive development strategy to provide a minute amount of discount goods, which allows people who don't want to make a trip to Wal-Mart to buy what they need. Dollar General stores have been popping up in and around the Ithaca area in the last few years. And, last year, Primax Properties opened a Dollar General in Lansing. Another Dollar General is set to open in the city of Candor in Tioga County.

Although my retailers have been struggling to stay afloat, Dollar General has risen in its popularity. It's been addressing the submarket between convenience stores and big box discount stores. In 2016, it opened 900 new locations, and additional 1,000 is set to open in 2017. The company, which is based in Tennessee, operates in 43 states with more than 12,500 locations.