Greeley Residents Will Get A Third AutoZone Location

February 01, 2017

Greeley Residents Will Get A Third AutoZone Location

The town of Greeley is getting another AutoZone location - it's third for the town.

The newest AutoZone is 7,381-square feet and is located on 24th Street, and is adjacent to the Lowe's Home Improvement store. Paul Whalen, the project planner said, construction started in October, and there's been no official opening date as of yet. He believes the store will open within the next month or so.

Galloway & Company, Inc. of Greenwood Village is handling the project.

Whalen said last summer the company had to amend the zoning so construction could begin. At the time, it was designed for just a Lowe's store - a commercial-retail kind of land-use. Whalen, along with his team, changed the zoning to automotive retail sales, which makes the land uses rather consistent.

He said once this was done, it sped the process up, and construction was able to get underway.

Whalen said the landscaping and exterior site work is currently being worked on with the building's inside almost done as well.

He said the additional AutoZone store is proof that the town of Greeley is growing.

Whalen said the builders were dedicated to providing a job well done for AutoZone customers, which allowed them to move quickly, but at a price. He said if the town didn't have the market for the additional store, developers would not have moved forward with the project. He said market research was done to learn if there was a market demand.

Whalen said Greeley is one of those places where the demand is there.