Hooters Ventures Into New Territory With Its Hoots Restaurant Idea

February 27, 2017

Hooters Ventures Into New Territory With Its Hoots Restaurant Idea

Hooters is set to open a new kind of restaurant this month - it's called Hoots, and the difference is that it'll be male servers. Yes, you read correctly! Hooters is establishing a restaurant with male services to provide the beer and wings. And, many folks are excited about the company's new format.

This new restaurant - Hoots, A Hooters Joint - is set for opening in the Chicago area. It's the company's venture into the fast-casual eating life and will have a pared-down menu of what customers would see at Hooters. It will include chicken wings and beer but no hooters.

For customers who'd like to have that Amy Schumer's "O'Nutters" skit kind of atmosphere, they won't be getting it. It won't be a restaurant that objectifies men. A spokesperson for the company said it's just a restaurant with male and female servers that won't be wearing the usual Hooters outfit. Instead, they'll wear a shirt with the company's logo.

Another change will be the fast-casual setup, which uses counter service, not table service. At Hoots, customers can order their wings, beers and fries at the counter and sit down to eat without dealing with the objectification waitresses have to contend with on a daily basis. The restaurant will include a full-service bar area.

Hooters Management Corp will manage the new location.

Terry Marks, CEO of Hooters of America supports the initiative. He said it's a logical addition to the company and will offer more people more chances to enjoy their food. Marks said there's a lot for them to learn but they're happy about the possibility.

If successful, more Hoots could be opening up across the country.

Hooters Management Corp. CEO Neil Keifer is optimistic about the restaurant, saying they were going to "give it the old college try."