Hundreds Brave Weather For New Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant

January 03, 2017

Hundreds Brave Weather For New Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant

More than 100 people stood in line on Monday in the hope to win a year's worth of free wings or be the first customers of the new Buffalo Wild Wings at the 540 Walker Rd location.

Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce Membership Director Doug Harmon said people really love Buffalo Wild Wings. He said people stood in the elements since the night before.

Christopher Nakoski said when it comes to free food, he'll show up. He was the first person in line when Chick-fil-A came to town. Nakoski camped out all night to make sure he was the first in line. He said he made a refuge out of a refrigerator box and dryer boxes.

Although temperatures dropped below freezing, the crowd was enthusiastic.

Brady Tornetta said the temperatures didn't both him. He wanted to enjoy the experience and food.

Matt Booz is the manager for the Buffalo Wild Wings and said the huge crowd is a testament of the company's success. It said the restaurant is going to do well because of its location in the city.

Booz has worked with Buffalo Wild Wings for five years and made sure the staff was just as excited as the customers were about the new store. They came out chanting while they formally opened the restaurant. Booz said the staff is great and people are going to have fun.