M&T Bank Opens Energy-Efficient Branch To Boost Customer Experience and Reduce Carbon Footprint

January 06, 2017

M&T Bank Opens Energy-Efficient Branch To Boost Customer Experience and Reduce Carbon Footprint

M&T Bank recently opened a new branch in the Chambersburg, Pa. area. The branch will use "green" technology and state-of-the-art architecture that will dramatically decrease the energy consumption and boost the customer experience.

The 4,600-square branch's look is contemporary but based on the traditional bank design that includes decreasing energy consumption elements. A key feature of the bank is the colonnade that has a high canopy, wrapped around two sides of the building to decrease the amount of direct sunlight that goes into the branch. This will also help to protect customers from the elements as they walk into the bank.

It will also include louver screens just off the building and on the colonnade, allowing more natural light to filter through the full-height glass walls but ensuring a decrease in glare and direct sunlight. The louvers' secondary function includes glass walls not using any drapes or blinds, decreasing the need for artificial lights and giving customers a transparent view into the bank.

Along with the glass walls, the other walls will be highly insulated steel panels that comprise of recycled materials.

M&T Bank Regional President Michael Murchie said the design is a signature look for the bank and wants to ensure it decreases the carbon footprint and boosts the customer service. He said local customers are sure to enjoy the new design and the community is bound to benefit because it doesn't use as many natural resources.

Within the bank's main lobby, there is a large space that is reminiscent of early 20th century banks but comes with the latest technology such as energy-saving lighting and a large digital screen. It also has fluorescent lamps, LEDs, skylights, etc.

An automated system will control the lighting - it uses sensors to increase or decrease the light based on the amount of sunlight that's available.

A geothermal heat pump system that controls the heating and cooling system. This system uses the earth's constant temperature to decrease the energy use. Along with that, there's an energy recovery wheel that will boost the system's efficiency to about 97 percent by retrieving the heat from the bank's exhaust air.

Another automated system will keep an eye on air quality to ensure there is fresh air ventilation. It comes with a free cooling mode to bring in outdoor air to reduce the bank's temperature.

The building is also installed with a rainwater recovery system that will provide water for the bank's toilets and be used outdoors. This will lead to a 30 percent reduction in water consumption.

The bank will also designate parking spaces for electric and hybrid vehicles along with a bike rack.

The bank was developed to the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design standards, which were set up by the U.S. Green Building Council. It's the first Franklin County bank to offer such standards. Its M&T Bank's second newly designed branch - the first was opened in West Seneca, N.Y. and has won awards for its pioneering design.

Additional M&T branches are being planned with this design.